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The audience responded and grew with each season. By , we were averaging about , listeners per week. In , my series co-creator, Mike Tennant, went on to pursue other projects. It was as good a time as any to reboot and rebrand, as so much had changed in the world of marketing since So Age of Persuasion continued for one more year, then in , the show expanded to take a much wider look at — not just advertising — but the expanding world of marketing. Since that change, our audience numbers took a big jump.

We have over a million listeners per week in Canada alone, and our podcast has been downloaded over 35 million times. Under The Influence. About the show. How To Listen. Fun Facts.

Urban Dictionary: Under the influence

In , iTunes named the show the Best New Podcast of the year. And believe it or not, we just surpassed our th episode. Who knew? Besides Larry MacInnis, of course.


Master Episode List. Under The Influence: Season 8. Under The Influence: Season 7. A power affecting a person, thing, or course of events, especially one that operates without any direct or apparent effort: the pervasive influence that TV has on modern life; young people falling under the influence of a radical philosopher.

Definition of 'under the influence of'

Power to sway or affect based on prestige, wealth, ability, or position: used her family's influence to get the job. A person who exerts such power: My parents considered my friend to be a bad influence on me. A determining factor believed by some to affect individual tendencies and characteristics understood to be caused by the positions of the stars and planets at the time of one's birth. Factors believed to be caused by the changing positions of the stars and planets in relation to their positions at the time of one's birth. To have an influence on something ; change: a news report that influenced the outcome of the election.

To change the behavior or thinking of someone ; sway: negative ads that are intended to influence voters. Astrology astrology an ethereal fluid or occult power regarded as emanating from the stars and affecting a person's actions, future, etc. His wife had a lot of influence.

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I didn't want him to influence me in my choice. Switch to new thesaurus. The story follows a woman Gena Rowlands whose unusual behavior leads to conflict with her blue-collar husband Peter Falk and family. In , the film was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant", one of the first fifty films to be so honored.

Los Angeles housewife and mother Mabel loves her construction-worker husband Nick and desperately wants to please him, but the strange mannerisms and increasingly odd behavior likely Bipolar disorder she displays while in the company of others has him concerned.

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Convinced she has become a threat to herself and others, he reluctantly commits her to an institution, where she undergoes treatment for six months. Left alone with his three children, Nick proves to be neither wiser nor better than his wife in the way he relates to and interacts with them or accepts the role society expects him to play.

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  4. After six months Mabel returns home but she is not prepared to do so emotionally or mentally, and neither is her husband prepared correctly for her return. At first Nick invites a large group of people to the house for a party to celebrate his wife's return, but realizing at the last minute that this is foolish, he sends most of them home.

    Mabel then returns with mostly only close family, including her parents, Nick's parents, and their three children to greet her but even this is overwhelming and the evening disintegrates into yet another emotionally and psychologically devastating event. Nick kicks the family out of the house, leaving husband and wife alone. After yet another psychotic episode where Mabel cuts herself, Nick decides to put the children to bed. The youngsters profess their love for their mother as she tucks them in. Nick and Mabel themselves ready their bed for the night as the film ends.

    John Cassavetes was inspired to write A Woman Under the Influence when his wife Gena Rowlands expressed a desire to appear in a play about the difficulties faced by contemporary women. His completed script was so intense and emotional she knew she would be unable to perform it eight times a week, so he decided to adapt it for the screen. When he tried to raise funding for the project, he was told, "No one wants to see a crazy, middle-aged dame.