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The enduro squad also sees the return of some familiar faces. More news.

The Giant Makes the Team | D&R - Kültür, Sanat ve Eğlence Dünyası

Gutierrez Wins His 9th Colombian Na June Paton Lands Podium at Missoula Pro Van Berkel Makes Podium at Ironman Markus Halttunen CTO. Jose Saarniniemi Finance Manager. Plus about thirty of the finest gaming professionals from around the world! Join Us. Technical UI Artist Do you have talent for art and illustration? Do you enjoy technology and learning new things? We'd like to have you in our team! The roster has three national champions and a strong mix of veterans and young talent. The team also welcomes some key new equipment sponsors as it continues its mission to develop cutting-edge race bikes and technologies.

The biggest changes for are the return of FOX suspension products including forks and rear shocks, plus new XC and gravel kits from apparel sponsor Cuore.

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The global squad is focused on major international events including UCI World Cup downhill and cross-country races as well as Enduro World Series events. Gutierrez is joined by another national champion, Jacob Dickson of Ireland. The enduro crew gets a boost this year with the signing of Youn Deniaud, a top young talent from France who finished 10th overall in the Enduro World Series last year.

Both had to battle through some injuries this in and are looking forward to a clean slate this year. All the enduro racers will be racing their Reign Advanced bikes with new FOX suspension setups, plus the shorter travel Trance Advanced Pro 29 for select events. The enduro team will also be developing and testing next-generation bikes and gear throughout the season.

Both will focus on World Cups and other major XC events around the world. They will compete primarily on their XtC Advanced 29 hardtails and Anthem Advanced Pro 29 full-suspension XC bikes, while also helping to develop and test new, next-generation XC race bikes and gear. Last year he swept the Australian national series, winning all six events in the junior category plus the Australian national championship and the Oceania Championship.

This year, Wright, who turns 19 in March, steps up the Under category.

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The goal is to give it my all and be in the top The Colorado resident had several podium finishes at North American races last year, and is looking forward to competing at the international level. In addition, former U. Each of these riders will have a collection of Giant off-road bikes to suit their racing needs including the Revolt Advanced gravel racing bike, which was released midway through the season.

On the technical front, the team welcomes back most of its sponsors from along with several key new partners for , including FOX suspension products. Posted In: Industry News. I Just Made a Stupid Mistake" views. Ron-C Mar 1, at Only a psichic would have seen that coming. I'm guessing giant will move to 29 for dh and dvo doesn't have a 29 fork.

I mean, it's not like 29 is a surprise anymore. It's been over two years.

Has Suntour got a 29 fork lower I wonder. There must be more to it. Perhaps the DVO equipped models haven't sold well. Maybe Fox gave Giant a price match, since they sell so many bikes worldwide. I didn't hear about that. So it's more a case of Fox being more reliable? If or when Trust makes a DH fork, everyone will struggle to compete. AnthonyQDJ Mar 1, at RollinFoSho : Okay you can stop jerking off Trust now thank you. RollinFoSho Mar 1, at TheSlayer99 Mar 1, at Stop with the trust posts.

TheSlayer99 : Brace yourself, I think you will get shocked beyond belief. There are a few out there and so far great feedback, here is an example: www. TheSlayer99 Mar 2, at Do you even understand how marketing works? Mondbiker Mar 2, at RollinFoSho : lol at great feedback lacemine Ths review is suspicious, the only negative out of a few. RollinFoSho : I remember when everyone was saying the same thing about Ohlins before they came out with their mountain bike suspension.

No one else was going to be able to compete!! We all saw how that went.

The Cycling Fans Guide to World Tour Team Kits in 12222

If you want real performance, look elsewhere. RollinFoSho : repetitive posts about your favorite fork is just annoying. CaptainSnappy Mar 2, at RollinFoSho : That's not where mkt growth is. You sound offended about my opinion, kind of odd.

5 Voices™ Certified Coach

RollinFoSho : This type of "repeat it enough times and people will believe anything you say" guerrilla marketing is not going to work here - you're actually damaging the brand by posting repeatedly LOL. If you want us to buy Trust forks, less posting and letting the product speak for itself would be ideal. I was just making a comment on the subject of suspension and DH. You sound like the advertising censorship police or something. YoKev Mar 2, at Clear, concise, and easy to read and understand.

Thanks for posting the link.


I saved it. TheSlayer99 Mar 2, at Below Threshold show comment. RollinFoSho : you sound like you are severly lacking in intellect and you suck the dicks of companies for no other reason than for the sake of doing it. RollinFoSho Mar 2, at TheSlayer99 : You sound like a genius bud.

TheSlayer99 Mar 3, at DVO probably got sick of having to make forks in another color besides neon green. Giant wants more color after DVO gave them blue. Just like their frame color scheme. IamTheDogEzra Mar 2, at WTF is neon green? Did you mean neon grey? IamTheDogEzra : Underrated comment right there. Krzymndyd Mar 2, at