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Lesen, um zu träumen ~*~ I read to dream

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James 1:19-20

Customer Service. With the money she makes she pays for her half- sisters ballet school. His wife looks away.

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So the manager offers her a position with the family of Lord Mansfield, in Scotland. Anyway, she takes the position because the boy and the extra payment. The Lord himself, a former military man, has strong rules and they have to be followed. And the boy, the boy about 5 years old is not speaking nor is he eating anything besides licorice and a milk. Seraphina quickly understands that the boy needs help and she wants do to everything to help him but she has to follow the rules and work her way around the housekeeper ….

The sex scenes are Mf-style, dominance and devotion. Not even a year ago her parents died whom she had nursed over the years because she was an only child and felt responsible for them. Soon she realizes that they never had needed a daughter but a nurse because they were quite old when they got her. So now having her dowry, a rather large one, she wants to feel passion, infirmity and finds Michel des Anges, her solicitor arranges a contract with him — one month of sex for He has burns on his hands and neck.

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  • Within a few moments she decides do move in with him for this month …. All women he is with since the fire were killed. And there is Gabriel, the second angel — Gabriel the archangel. Things grow more acute through the 2 nd half of the book and more complicated.

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    There is death, illusion and tricks are played. But there is also passion. Camouflaging and deception. Reading in the Italian sun is great. I read quite a few Nicola Cornick novels lately and I thought I knew her style so I started to read, not thinking about the timeframe of the book.

    And suddenly I was like: Cars? Shut the front door there were no cars in the Regency Era.

    Gulliver's Travels (Webster's German Thesaurus Edition)

    So I headed back to page one and suddenly I noticed that I am in complete different time. June — A man notices a young, beautiful woman at the Wallace exhibition in London. They talk a little bit. They see a few paintings, also of his family. A minimum of time later Jack Kestrel arrives at a nightclub to speak to Sally Bowes about a case of blackmailing. But when he is brought into the room, he realizes that he is standing in front of the woman he talked to the day before. The only woman he ever loved.

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    Sally lives for her two sisters — Connie and Nell. The first all about money and lovers.

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    BUT to read some story that is taking place in the early 20 th Century was quite a change after all the Regency novels I inhaled lately. I rarely read paperbacks at the moments, mostly ebooks, except for the Nicola Cornick and Kate Pearce books, but somehow I grabbed this one before I went to the bathtub a few days ago and just finished it. Firstly I want to say that I think this cover pretty trashy and unworthy the novel, also the backside. Nevertheless the story is rather easy. A young woman, Victoria Shelby, has to do something because there are so many things you can sell in a household to keep food on the table.