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  1. Are you kind to yourself? You believe everything you say to yourself.
  2. "Planting the seed" - Phrase of the week
  3. Rarely do we realise that we are standing in the centre of the miraculous
  4. The Power Within : A seed of thought

Are you kind to yourself? You believe everything you say to yourself.

Physiology sperm; semen. Developmental Biology the ovum or ova of certain animals, as the lobster and the silkworm moth. Ceramics a small air bubble in a glass piece, caused by defective firing.

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Crystallography a small crystal added to a solution to promote crystallization. Sport [ Tennis. Agriculture to sow a field, lawn, etc. Agriculture to sow or scatter seed.

"Planting the seed" - Phrase of the week

Meteorology to sow or scatter clouds with crystals or particles of silver iodide, solid carbon dioxide, etc. Sport to arrange the drawings for positions in a tournament so that ranking players or teams will not meet in the early rounds of play. Business to develop or stimulate a business, project, etc.

Seed Of Thought - Planting Seeds Of Change

Agriculture to sow seed. Botany to produce or shed seed.

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Rarely do we realise that we are standing in the centre of the miraculous

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The Power Within : A seed of thought

Listed by topic, this gift can be extremely useful in crafting your next talk. An essential element of influential and memorable talks are the illustrations that help make your point. This is a perfect addition to your library of references. Planting seeds. Sewing seeds from the ten thousands of hours- alone- drawing. Drawing: drawing seeds as ideas on a chalk board that seemingly disappear but not….. Stored for recollection, like the dirt under your nails, a cryptic watch of memory contained. Contained in seed for another time.

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Thinking — digesting. Color rises to focus like the ponds dark reflection, hidden mysteries led by choice informed by heritage and associations. Separation: world boundaries push separation. A bushwa decadence in the climates of boards and groups, quantify boarders, Lines, claiming their rights in language and word.

Deeds- left.

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Morality abandoned. A complicated existence,. Opposition to Joy- Separations: broadcasts blare resistance- Ego, class, education, religion, collar color- eking, clawing and clinging- hand to mouth- keeping- keeping memories in tribal like form. Lost — Lost — Lost simplicity.