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Basic type classes
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  2. Standard types, classes and related functions
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Eq1 Maybe Source. Generic Maybe a Source. Since: 2. Generic1 Maybe Source. Show2 Either Source. Read2 Either Source. Ord2 Either Source. Eq2 Either Source. Bifunctor Either Source.

Bifoldable Either Source. Bitraversable Either Source. Monad Either e Source. Functor Either a Source. MonadFix Either e Source. Applicative Either e Source. Foldable Either a Source. Traversable Either a Source. Data Methods gfoldl :: forall d b0. Generic Either a b Source. Semigroup Either a b Source. Bounded Ordering Source. Enum Ordering Source.

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Eq Ordering. Data Ordering Source. Ord Ordering. Read Ordering Source. Show Ordering Source. Ix Ordering Source. Generic Ordering Source. Semigroup Ordering Source. Monoid Ordering Source.

Bounded Char Source. Enum Char Source. Eq Char. Data Char Source. Ord Char. Read Char Source.

Standard types, classes and related functions

Show Char Source. Ix Char Source.

Storable Char Source. IsChar Char Source.

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Instance details Defined in Text. PrintfArg Char Source. Eq URec Char p Source. Ord URec Char p Source. Show URec Char p Source. Generic URec Char p Source. Used for marking occurrences of Char Since: 4. Eq Double. Eq Float. Eq Int. Eq Int8 Source. Eq Int16 Source. Eq Int32 Source. Eq Int64 Source. Eq Integer. Eq Natural Source.

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Eq Word. Eq Word8 Source. Eq Word16 Source. Eq Word32 Source. Eq Word64 Source. Eq SomeTypeRep Source. Eq TyCon. Eq Module. Eq TrName. Eq BigNat. Eq SrcLoc Source. Eq GeneralCategory Source. Eq Number Source.

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Eq Lexeme Source. Eq Fingerprint Source. Eq IOMode Source. Eq IntPtr Source. Eq WordPtr Source. Eq CIntMax Source. Eq CIntPtr Source. Eq CUSeconds Source. Eq CTime Source. Eq CClock Source. Eq CSigAtomic Source. Eq CWchar Source. Eq CSize Source. Eq CPtrdiff Source.

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Eq CDouble Source. Eq CFloat Source. Eq CBool Source. Eq CLLong Source.