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Lowenthal, David. Mike, Mary. Yannakakis, Eleni. Apostolidou, Venetia. Subsequent footnote reference: 37 Athanassopoulos, p. Athanassopoulos, Vangelis. Kakavoulia, Maria. Natsina, Anastasia. Paivanas, Dimitris.

Stolen Child

Kastrinaki, Angela. Mantoglou, Argiro. Kosmas, Konstantinos. Mackridge, Peter, and Eleni Yannakakis eds. Routledge distributes this title on behalf on Legenda. You can search for it at their site by following this link. Both the editor's introduction, and the long keynote chapter by Dimitris Tziovas which follows, thoughtfully situate the new developments in the context of what has gone before. All the contributions, in complementary ways, explore one or more of these developing fields of interest on the part of Greek writers.

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Subsequent footnote reference: 37 Tziovas, p. Example footnote reference: 35 Tziovas Morgan's chapters 'Daphnis and Chloe: Love's own sweet story' pp. According to Morgan, Longus subverts the view of Thucydides that myth, or fiction, is a passing pleasure; rather it is the 'vehicle of truth, about ourselves and about the world' p. Morgan's account of the Aithiopika focuses on a few instances which illustrate that 'it is characteristic of Heliodorus at every level of narration to withhold information, not simply to produce effects of shock and surprise, but to enlist the reader into an actively interpretative role' p.

According to Morgan, Heliodorus does this to reflect more accurately the confusion and meaninglessness of life rather than to exemplify features of hermeneutic theory. Reardon's chapter 'Achilles Tatius and Ego-Narrative' pp. Reardon also discusses the degree of seriousness of this novel and in conclusion adopts Rattenbury's view that Achilles broke down the conventions for Romance as Euripides did for Tragedy.

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Achilles repeatedly reduces the commonplaces of the genre to terms of brutal physicality: courting consists of thinly veiled masculine sexual innuendo 1. The second aim of this collection is 'to promote a wider definition of the canon' Introduction , p. As it stands, the term is used to embrace a wide range of writers. Stoneman points out similarities between the life of Alexander and the romances in respect of its location in Egypt, Alexander's relationship with Candace, the cleverness of the young king, and the telling of wonders.

Next, Gerald Sandy assesses the value of the papyrological fragments of Greek novels in his chapter 'New pages of Greek fiction' pp. Discoveries of fragments of novels famously undermined Rohde's chronology of the romances, but they have also provided material on the basis of which answers to more interesting questions can be constructed. For example, papyrus finds in Roman Egypt indicate that the romances were no more popular than the traditional literary canon.

Above all, the fragments show that Greek prose fiction was polymorphically diverse. Het Sacrament van Mirakel Jodenhaat in de Middeleeuwen. Louvain : Davidsfonds De Ren Leo.


De Ridder Juliaan H. Gerechtigheidstaferelen voor schepenhuizen in de Zuidelijke Nederlanden in de 14 e 15d e en 16 e eeuw. Brussels : awlsk Deswarte-Rosa Sylvie. Italie et Flandres. Deyon Solange and Alain Lottin.

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  4. Paris : Hachette Dibbets G. Di Dio Kelley. Leone Leoni and the status of the artist at the end of the Renaissance. Farnham and Brulington : Ashgate Diels Ann. Florissant — Dierickx Michel.

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    Dirkse P. Keters en papen onder Filips II. Jahrhunderts aus dem Kupferstich-Kabinett Dresden. Eurasburg : Minerva Paris : s. Douglas Mary. London : Routledge Duke Alistair. Reformation and Revolt in the Low Countries. Schriftlicher Nachlass. Edited by Hans Rupprich. Translated and edited by William Conway. London : P. Owen Duverger Erik. Antwerpse kunstinventarissen uit de zeventiende eeuw.

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    Fontes historiae artis Neerlandicae 1. Gent : A. Vyncke Duvosquel Jean-Marie. Eaker Adam. Echols Robert. Ehresmann Donald. Eichberger Dagmar and Lisa Beaven.

    Eisler Colin. Eisler William. Kent P. Simons and J. Leiden : Elen Elet Yvonne. Elias Norbert. The Civilizing Process. Oxford : Blackwell The Court Society. Leiden : Brill Emmens J. Bruyn J. Emmens E. Madrid : Prado Ewing Dan. Fabianski Marcin. Fabri Ria and Nico Van Hout eds. Schoten : bai Faggin Giorgio.