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This time it was a dual between presenter Rebecca Wilcox and her mother, Esther Rantzen who had been a guest at the Evacuee archive the previous day. In part of the show the TV personality, together with an antiques expert — in this case, the charming Will Axon — visit a place of interest and are shown its treasures. So how do you decide what to share when so much is so significant? Of the many and varied authors, who do you choose to best represent key parts of the story? Which covers are most evocative or cherished?

Squeezing a whole collection into a five-minute broadcast means hard choice. Naturally you think of the audience. What might appeal to the widest range of viewers? How can you catch their attention without perpetuating the myths that exist? But what criteria should I use to select material for its short moment of fame? Through these evocative objects I felt confident about sharing my passion for the archive with Rebecca and Will. It was fascinating to experience the archive coming to life in this way. In some special way it reduced the distance between us all.

The following day I read a letter in the files about how nice Desmond had been. I have become very fond of Violet — protective even. Her thoughts on writing and desire have engaged me at a fundamental level, and I like to think that the archives can tell a fuller version of her story than they have so far. There is also so much more to write about how we attribute meaning and value to objects and how we experience them in archives.

As a nurse with the United States Army, she was hiding herself amid snow and ice because this was the one place she didn't expect her ex-husband, Tim Alde Frank Wylie was in a class by himself Beth Hendley had to concede that no one else had ever shattered the hard-won peace she'd found as a schoolteacher. What had she done to deserve this husky ex-professional football player? He hated her dog, Marston lying hurt near her Saint Vincent's Caribbean plantation, she hoped he was bringing news of an inheritance. She desperately needed the money to save her farm All Belle wanted was revenge on Harry Revenge for the callous way he'd treated her getting a Mexican divorce, throwing her out of the house.

And he'd taken all their money! Things didn't work out that way. Instead, Belle ended up married again She was his trusted childhood friend And Molly Patterson felt Tim Holland would never see her as anything more than that. When he and his young daughter, Moira, arrived on her doorstep, he seemed to be taking Molly for granted again.

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Molly had made Alison Springer had a lot of problems Top priorities at the moment were a decaying water supply system and trying to avoid the local sheriff, who took more than a passing interest in her activities. Stedman Colson solved one problem when he moved o She knew trouble when she saw it! New Englander Madeleine Charbonneau was too big a girl to think of marriage - five feet ten inches, to be precise.

Her problems consisted mainly of keeping a roof over her head in the quiet town of Laconia, New Hamp Valeria Brewster refused to be bulldozed! Just who did Bart Thomas--judicial nominee for the Massachusetts Bench, and Valeria's employer--think he was? So what if Bart suddenly needed puritan respectability, thanks to a snoopy Plymouth reporter!

Talk about working together as a team! Ryan Quinn considered Mathilda Latimore a snoop when her father sent her to troubleshoot on the Latimore Railway problem in the Sudan, but he showed some sense by finally cooperating. Although, Ryan's proposal He excited her He'd charmed her minx of a daughter with bedtime stories.

And he'd sent Laura's pulse soaring with kis An amateur matchmaker shouldn't play with fire The Butterworth men meant the world to Mickey, especially Judge Butterworth, her dear stepfather. Caring for him in his Adirondack retreat had never been a sacrifice. Besides, this summer promised Beth's life was far from simple Impulsive Beth Murphy tackled life's problems head-on.

When her errant niece appeared in Boston "in terrible trouble," Beth promised Stacy that the culprit would marry her.

Mer fra Maureen Child; Jill Shalvis; Roxanne St. Claire

As a temporary secretary for Richard Ma She didn't intend to deceive him When Philomena Peabody met her boss's son, he was suffering temporary snow blindness. She owned the mountain--he owned her heart Marcie Waters's emotions needed a good rest. After the traumatic experience of a hijacking incident, the Adirondack cabin she'd inherited from her uncle beckoned invitingly. Certainly, Marcie never suspect Faith and Hope led them into each other's arms Becky Latimore's little sisters, Faith and Hope, thought it was high time she got married.

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Doctor or not, she was already twenty-seven years old! So they "checked out" Jake Meadows, their new--and They married for money neither of them wanted Penelope Bloom Harris had chosen the dilapidated Great Salt Marsh as the last place that anyone would look for her, her plans were just to escape her Uncle Henry until her twenty-first birthday, when she She was the one who needed help! But she managed to fumble her way to the nearest home to ask for help. She couldn't let on she knew he was lying Rose was found washed ashore on a French Polynesian Island in the South Pacific.

And although she didn't have amnesia, that was the story she presented to Giles Gengron and his daughter, Josie. It was eith He had a strange effect on her Get the facts straight and the names right, her foreign correspondent father had advised Samantha Clark when she began reporting. And Sam did. Somehow, though, every story featuring James Francis Clarke, the engineer There had to be a catch And suddenly her predicament seemed less overwhelming.

His warmth and strength instilled courage in her as if by osmosis.

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Maybe she could Could she find the courage to love? Evy Hart was low on courage. She was frightened by anything that moved, that seemed authoritative, that seemed too masculine--like Jason Brown. He was all male. But he was not the enemy. He vowed to cherish the wrong sister Mary Margaret McBain had always wanted a family -- a real one, in which she could love and cherished in return. But when her father conned her into stalling for time at her twin sister's wedding, Mary never Give Bruce an inch, and he'd take a mile The last mile he needed to construct his road ran right through Mary Kate Chase's lush New England farm.

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She couldn't have sold even if she wanted to. She'd promised her late husband she'd never dispose of h She couldn't hide her feelings for him Because of the peculiar terms of an eccentric old lady's will, Sara Susan Anderson was being virtually forced to live for six months in John Englewood's house. We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB.

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But Inside I'm Screaming (Mills & Boon M&B): First edition

Bringing Up Babies. Husband Material. The Baby Caper. Faith, Hope and Marriage. Leonie's Luck.

The Balleymore Bride. The Unmarried Bride. Baby Makes Three. Summer Storms. The Widow's Mite. Spirit of Love. Loveable Katie Lovewell. Smuggler's Love. Silence Speaks for Love. Doubly Delicious. A Touch of Forgiveness. Ice Lady. Mississippi Miss. Love Is in the Cards.