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The pair of socks TSM was wearing when found deceased. Did the authorities somehow lose the socks in TSM suitcase as they seem like a rather arbitrary and unimportant part of the suitcase, at least on the surface? Most of the other items surrounding TSM suggest he cared about his appearance and hygiene somewhat so it seems odd that he would wear the same pair of socks for his entire trip. Another possibility is that TSM removed the labels of his clothes and placed them in his socks so he could throw them away a bit more discreetly.

A scenario that I tend to favour is that TSM kept his money hidden in his socks or travelled on the bus to Glenelg with money in his socks which in turn were in his jacket. We convince ourselves that we know the other person well, but do we really know anything important about anyone?

Whilst TSM had no determinable name, the person whose phone number was scribed into the back of The Rubaiyat has several pseudonyms.

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Jessica changed her surname in the early part of from Harkness to Thomson; this was the surname of the man she would later marry- Prosper. In , Prosper George McTaggart Thomson was born in the central region of Queensland and 9 years later in , Jessica was born in the Sydney suburb of Marrickville. Both Prosper and Jessica would move to the Melbourne beachside suburb of Mentone and they spent a chunk of their youth here. It was during this time that Prosper and Jessica first met. Jessica then went on to work as an orderly in a Victorian hospital.

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Jessica became pregnant around October, After becoming pregnant but before the end of , Jessica moved to the Melbourne suburb of Mentone; her childhood home and the same suburb that Prosper lived in. Whilst living in Mentone, Prosper was in charge of the taxi ranks. He was well known in the suburb as someone that could acquire anything you wanted.

This had somewhat carried over from the WWII years in which he dealt on the black market. Jessica provisionally lived with her parents whilst in Mentone. Jessica and Prosper again crossed paths in Mentone when it is alleged that Jessica was about to commit suicide by jumping off a cliff. After only a brief period in Mentone, Jessica moved with Proper to Adelaide, in the early part of This was despite Prosper still technically being married to someone else.

Jessica and Prosper lived on Moseley Street, Glenelg. As Jessica had changed her surname to Thomson earlier in the year, she managed to evade putting Harkness on the birth certificate. Jessica and a young Robin in the late s. Prosper allegedly saw other women post He also had a house in Adelaide, separate to the Somerton Park location.

Prosper went through the procedure of getting a divorce from his first wife in and this was completed by the start of During May of , Jessica and Prosper were officially married. Jessica and Proper would later have a child together named Kate. During the latter part of the s, Jessica worked at St. Corantyn which was a mental health services hospital. She continued working here until the second half of the s, at which time she retired.

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Prosper passed away in and Jessica died in The background and rationale for this theory will be discussed. He indicated that TSM had a unique ear feature; his upper ear hollow cymba was larger than his lower ear hollow cavum. TSM and Robin also seem to share a similar pointed helix of the ear. It was determined that TSM was missing both of his upper lateral incisors the teeth on either side of the two upper central teeth.

It is thought that TSM had his canine teeth directly next to his front middle teeth, as opposed to a gap due to lacking the upper lateral incisors. Incidentally, actor Tom Cruise lacks an upper lateral incisor. This trait of developmentally missing teeth is an inherited genetic condition known as hypodontia.

Upon examining a photograph of Robin, it was confirmed that he too had hypodontia and was born without the exact same two teeth: the upper lateral incisors.

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Having hypodontia is a rare condition in itself but picking two people at random that are born without the exact two teeth is an extreme rarity. Those remaining were the central teeth of each jaw. Anyone looking at him in the ordinary way, if he were to laugh, would notice the teeth missing.

Amazing, right?

If he were speaking, the missing teeth were not noticeable. It is possible that TSM had gaps where these teeth were meant to be however Abbott has combined the tooth chart information with the Dwyer comment about people not noticing the missing teeth of TSM when he was speaking to make his determination of hypodontia. The numbered teeth are missing. The teeth are numbered from 1 being the central incisors to 8 being the wisdom teeth.


Download PDF Mancode Secrets Revealed - The Ultimate Guide Of Relationship Advice

Professor Abbott has estimated that the odds of TSM and Robin independently having a larger cymba than cavum and having the precise nature of hypodontia is somewhere between one in ten million and one in twenty million. This Sherlockesque development has major implications for TSM case. Amongst those bloggers who regularly post about TSM, there is little acceptance of the theory. Practically speaking, there are some potentially minor holes in TSM-Robin connection logic. When speaking, the front upper central incisors the upper middle two teeth are commonly seen and depending on the person, sometimes the upper lateral incisors.

The main teeth seen when speaking are the bottom row of teeth. Another potential criticism that can be levelled at TSM-Robin physiological similarities theory involves the ears. The photos below first appeared in and are purported to be of. Despite these minor criticisms, it seems fairly likely that Robin shared these unique traits with TSM.

There are some additional pieces of evidence that support the Jessica-TSM having a child together hypothesis. Based on the timing of Jessica dropping out of her nursing school exams and returning to live with her parents in Mentone, it seems that she fell pregnant whilst in Sydney. This information is doubly valuable as it potentially places TSM in a location at a specific time: around October of in Sydney. In the years following Robin being raised, Jessica confided in a friend that it was good of Prosper to raise Robin as if he was his own child.

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The possibility also arises that TSM was paying child support for Robin and this may somehow be linked to the bank phone number in The Rubaiyat. He also noted a slight wedge shaped nature to his toes. Cleland continued on to speculate that TSM may have been a ballet dancer who wore shoes that pointed the toes and that his unique calf muscles were caused by ballet dancing.

Cleland also hypothesised that TSM could have been a distance runner. Calf muscles can become pronounced thanks to repetitively raising and lowering your toes such as calf raises. This process is a key feature of ballet dancing.

4 Top Tips To Help You Understand KDP Select

The estimated age range of TSM was between 40 and 45 and this would typically be around a decade too old to be an active, professional ballet dancer. If TSM was indeed a ballet dancer, he may have maintained his calf muscles and overall fit body by having good genetics, practising his ballet dancing or he could have even been a dance teacher who demonstrated to others how to dance. This hypothesis may account for his feet, calves and fitness.

When Robin was still young, Jessica one day, seemingly arbitrarily took Robin to ballet lessons. This was doubly unusual as male dancers in the era were a rare commodity. Robin would flourish in the ballet dancing scene and his career trajectory would result in him becoming a professional ballet dancer with the Australian Ballet. If TSM was indeed the father of Robin, the out of the blue ballet lessons that Jessica took Robin to as a child may have an explanation. Other explanations for Jessica taking Robin to ballet lessons and Robin flourishing are difficult to conjure.

Perhaps as Jessica had an abundance of more high-brow interest such as the theatre and poetry, she had always wished for her child to be a dancer. Although this theory on the surface seems less plausible than TSM being a dancer and fathering Robin. As a surname, it is also rare and has Irish ancestry roots. There is an affluent Sydney suburb called McMahons Point that is located only several kilometres from where Jessica resided whilst in Sydney. Evelyn was first cousins with Grant Beaumont- the father of the Beaumont children.

The family tree linking the families can be viewed here. This disappearance occurred in at Glenelg Beach and the three children have never been seen since; the case remains unsolved to this day. On the day the Beaumont children vanished at Glenelg, they got off the bus on Moseley Street; the same street that Jessica had lived on. The Beaumont children lived only 1 kilometre from where Jessica had lived. Although Jessica and Prosper had no substantial links other than some tenuous connections to the Beaumont disappearance, it is a coincidence that the two most lingering South Australian and perhaps Australian mysteries have this familial connection, taxi driver similarity and added link to Glenelg.