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  1. Whitehorse Daily Star: Cold Blooded Killers
  3. The eagerly-awaited film is now on Netflix.

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  • How sex-obsessed Sunday School teachers became cold-blooded killers?

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Whitehorse Daily Star: Cold Blooded Killers

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Sign-up now Find out what's on with our monthly programme updates. Monster Fish: site. Lion vs. And the fire that initially drew police to the scene appears to have been intentional, a failed attempt to burn away any evidence that may have linked the murderer to his crime.

The eagerly-awaited film is now on Netflix.

Eventually, saliva on a piece of pizza allows police to track down one and only one man, Daron Wint, who is ultimately charged and jailed for four counts of first-degree murder. It seems like a victory for D. Police and the forensic system used to find the man linked to this terrifying crime.

But what makes this case so different from the 15, murders that take place in this country annually is the startling number of unanswered questions that are left behind. How did one man hold three adults and one child hostage for so long? Who was the man in the footage involving the burning car face matching software confirmed that it was not Wirt? Why would a man kill two multi-millionaires for 40 grand? And in a house holding valuables worth more than that amount? Who else was involved in these murders? How is it possible that four people are dead, and there is only enough evidence to put one man behind bars? A man who, may I add, has alluded many times to having had multiple accomplices. Regardless of these questions and the answers we may never find, this case brings to light a much larger and pressing concern: the number of murder cases that go cold, unfinished and unsolved every year. Consider this: more than , homicides committed in or after to this day remain unsolved — a total body count that exceeds the population of thousands of cities around the nation.

The FBI reports that the national homicide rate is an average of about 14, deaths a year. That means that And that is the unwavering truth.

Children of cold-blooded killers: is there a murder gene? - 60 Minutes Australia

In fact, investigators are no more likely to solve a homicide case today than they were 40 years ago. The FBI estimates that the homicide clearance rate in was only 64 percent, down from 90 percent reported in when the government first reported statistics.

In many communities, it has become statistically unlikely that a murder will be solved. The Detroit Police Department reported making arrests in only 34 of its homicides in , which is a solution rate of only 9 percent. New Orleans reported solving only 15 percent of its killings that year. How is this possible? How can technology and society have both advanced so far in the past decade without having impacted this field at all?

During an exclusive segment on the issue, NPR came up with some reasons why this disturbing trend of unsolved homicides may exist, including higher standards for charging a suspect, distrust of the police, focusing on crime prevention and the expensiveness of homicide investigation in poor communities. Although these reasons appear comforting, they provide little in the large scale of things.